McMahon’s Air Duct Cleaning has been offering reliable and realistic cleaning services for commercial and industrial clients. We match our service to your specific problem.

Air handling systems that are laden with dirt, grease, and other contaminants are serious health and fire hazards. They are functionally and economically inefficient and ineffective. Dirt inside air duct passages, on deflection vanes, heat exchangers, and coils restricts air movement and prevents the system from delivering or removing air properly. Worse yet, the dirt particles are ingested into the air stream and emitted into the rooms and other areas serviced by the system. This means that housekeeping expenses increase, the health hazard of dirty air exists, and the system uses more energy in an attempt to maintain the demands of the HVAC temperature and humidity controls.

McMahon’s Air Duct Cleaning provides complete and thorough cleaning of interiors of any kind of air handling system. All accessible points of the system are included and we guarantee to remove 97% of contaminants from system interiors. Cleaning of openings into ductwork are provided in our service, and are repaired and sealed after service is complete, thereby facilitating our "direct contact" method. Units with fans and housings, plenums, coils and heat exchangers are pressure detergent washed. Fresh air intake ducts, return air ducts, and all supply air ducts are cleaned by vacuum or other process. All grills, diffusers, and registers are removed, marked to maintain air balance, washed and reinstalled.

McMahon’s Air Duct Cleaning performs our service at any time of day or night, based on the time frame that causes the least disruption to your normal operations. We protect the work areas with suitable materials and clean up when we are through. If the service requires more than one work shift to complete our procedures, the systems are left fully operational for normal usage between work shifts. We supply all labor, equipment, materials, and require only the usage of your water and electricity to perform our service.

Upon completion of our service your system is clean, unrestricted, and operating efficiently. A service report is supplied to you, if desired, upon completion of work.

Dirt, dust, and particulate that accumulate in or on the surfaces in your facility can be the single most critical element in contamination of products, as well as cause of personnel problems and complaints. Accumulations on superstructure members, cranes, runways, ductwork, and piping filters down to floor levels every time a vibration or air current disturbs it, and results in personnel complaint and product contamination. Additionally, this accumulation, when exposed to spark or flame, frequently ignites and travels along the same superstructure members to other parts of your plant, changing a simple problem into a major catastrophe.

McMahon’s Air Duct Cleaning provides complete cleaning, sanitizing, and decontamination services for all types of air handling systems, ductwork, and related equipment.


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