Dust, dirt, grease, and other materials are common in the rafters, ceilings and walls of many manufacturing and production facilities. These materials are a concern because they could pose a fire hazard, lead to debris falling to the surface below and cause quality control problems, or damage expensive machinery. We specialize in cleaning projects for commercial and industrial facilities. McMahon's trained cleaners safely and carefully remove years of grime from interior factory walls & rafters, and restore them to their original shine. Our industrial cleaning professionals remove dust that could contaminate products and that provide a breeding ground for infestation. We also remove built-up dust that could be an explosive or fire hazard. All machinery and electrical equipment is covered and products in cleaning area are carefully covered with protective plastic sheeting. McMahon's Cleaning and Restoration specializes in cleaning accumulations of combustible dust and debris on high surfaces in manufacturing and industrial facilities to prevent a hazardous condition. Let McMahon's Cleaning & Restoration LLC professionally clean your plant so your business can meet regulatory standards and audits. Contact McMahon's today for pricing or for more information on rafter and ceiling cleaning.

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